Sara Nelson Predicts Our Secrets of the Lost Symbol is “Sure to be a Blockbuster”

img-author-photo---sar-nelson_155545252168We were delighted recently when Sara Nelson, the esteemed former editor of Publisher’s Weekly, declared in a Daily Beast commentary that our book, Secrets of the Lost Symbol, was “sure to be a blockbuster.” Her comment was made in the context of analyzing the various authors and publishing houses who have moved their fall schedule around to benefit from (or not be hurt by) the Dan Brown tsunami expected to begin in bookstores on September 15.

Nelson questioned how much benefit The Lost Symbol would actually provide to other books: Will customers who go into their local bookstore to pick up The Lost Symbol on September 15 actually walk out with any other purchase? Or, in this tough economic time, will people only buy what they came in for? In this context, Nelson observed:

But surely there is one class of books that can’t help but benefit from the Brown-ing of America…and that’s the …guide books…Take, for example, William Morrow’s forthcoming Secrets of the Lost Symbol, which will examine the “alternate histories… [and] labyrinth of conspiracies… that have populated Dan Brown’s blockbusters,” much as author Daniel Burstein’s previous books examined Brown’s earlier efforts. That one’s sure to be a blockbuster in its own right, right? Well, right—except I can’t for the life of me figure out why it won’t be in stores until well after The Lost Symbol launches and the all-important Christmas season ends. Its pub date is now slated for December 29.

Sara: We appreciate your concern about the pub date and, since your Daily Beast post, we have worked with William Morrow/HarperCollins to move it up. Our publishers now assure us that our Secrets of the Lost Symbol will be in stores before Christmas. The perfect holiday gift for anyone on your list who is a Dan Brown fan! Thanks, Sara, for your confidence in us!


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