Are Librarians The Weak Link in The Lost Symbol Security?

secrecyIs it just us, or does the secrecy surrounding The Lost Symbol seems to be more intense than an Apple product launch? Amazon boasted this week that it was keeping its copies of Dan Brown’s new novel under 24-hour guard, behind a chain-link enclosure with locks that require two separate people to gain entry. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos bragged that “even inside Random House, only a half dozen employees have been allowed to read The Lost Symbol in its entirety.”

New York Magazine seems to thinks Amazon’s defenses should to be beefed up. But maybe Amazon is the least of Random House’s problems. Think about it. The publisher is printing 5 million copies. This book has gone through so many pairs of hands that somebody, somewhere must be tempted to let the secret out.

We had our suspicions it might be someone on the publishing side. Until we saw this warning from the Random House Library Services department and we thought, of course — librarians!

Random House will soon be delivering copies of The Lost Symbol to libraries across the country. And Dave, in Random House’s library services department, begs librarians to “please, please don’t lend them out early” particularly to “crazies hovering around the desk.”

If the carrot doesn’t work, Dave isn’t scared to deploy the stick either.

He reminds librarians that (a) they have signed an affidavit that even he admits is “a little overblown” and (b) that Random House has a track record of coming down on lax librarians in the past: “Putting Harry Potter out early caused some major headaches for those who’ve done it, not to mention the chaos it causes above and below me here in New York,” he warns.

All of which begs the question: exactly how early will libraries receive their copies of The Lost Symbol? And are there any librarians out there willing to risk Dave’s wrath, and a “major headache,” to spill the secrets to our team?

– Paul Berger, Contributing Editor, Secrets of the Lost Symbol


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