Where Will Dan Brown Be Tonight?

gothamhallTonight is a huge night for Dan Brown’s fans.

The lucky few with Kindle and Sony e-readers will be able to download The Lost Symbol from midnight. The majority will wait in line as book stores around the country stay open late. We haven’t heard of any libraries extending their opening hours–yet.

But where will Dan Brown be?

Well, that’s anyone’s guess. Between 6.30 pm and 8.30 pm, Knopf editor-in-chief Sonny Mehta is hosting a book launch party at Gotham Hall, on 36th Street and Broadway. It would be a bit unusual for an author to be missing from his own launch party. But the notoriously reclusive Brown is no ordinary author. And New York is a long way from his waterfront home in Rye Harbor, N.H.

And what of Gotham Hall itself? The seven-story building, a former bank, has no masonic connections that we know of. But it does have a 10,000 sq ft ballroom surrounded by Corinthian columns reaching up towards a stained-glass dome. A fittingly grand location to launch Robert Langdon’s Masonic quest.

Paul Berger, Contributing Editor, The Lost Symbol.


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