Matt Lauer’s Exclusive Interview with Dan Brown

Dan Brown gives Matt Lauer a tour of his home.

Dan Brown gives Matt Lauer a tour of his home.

The Today show ran its exclusive interview with Dan Brown this morning.

Matt Lauer was given a tour of Brown’s home, in Rye Harbor, N.H, including a look inside the Fortress of Gratitude, a room filled with foreign language editions of Brown’s books as well as movie props such as the cryptex from The Da Vinci Code and antimatter from Angels and Demons. Here’s what we learned:

  • Brown’s best time of the day to write is 4 am.
  • The Lost Symbol took six years to complete because of the pressure of repeating the Da Vinci Code success and because the subject matter, Freemasonry, was so complex that Brown “needed time to understand it.”
  • Brown’s fame gives him access to places other people struggle to see.
  • Nevertheless, he sometimes goes undercover to research his novels by using an alias and joining a tour group, wearing a baseball cap pulled low.
  • The UK plagiarism trial, which Brown won, was an ordeal. “As J.K. Rowling says, it’s like somebody showing up at your door and pointing at your child and saying, ‘That’s mine.’ It’s not a pleasant thing to go through.”
  • Brown has become more spiritual in recent years.
  • He admires the Freemasons because they allow people of all faiths to come together.
  • The legend that Brown owns gravity boots and will hang upside down for inspiration is true: “You think differently upside down.”
  • He chose Washington DC as the setting for The Lost Symbol because he believes its architecture is as interesting as London, Paris and Rome.

Today Show interview with Dan Brown.

2 responses to “Matt Lauer’s Exclusive Interview with Dan Brown

  1. I am looking for the name of book that was mentioned during the interview, this was written by a Canadian author during the 1930. This book had to do with the study of the mind.


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