Solving Ciphers on The Lost Symbol Cover

We have heard from the legendary code maven, Elonka Dunin, who gave us the answer to the Masonic “pigpen” cipher on the back of TLS: ALL GREAT TRUTHS BEGIN AS BLASPHEMIES. This is a quote from George Bernard Shaw. Elonka is one of the great writers on codes of all kinds and is the foremost expert on the Kryptos sculpture (except for the legendary sculptor Jim Sanborn himself).

We also heard from Billy Gates, code-breaker extraordinaire, who solved that cipher and went on to solve the small grid cipher on the back cover, lower left: YOUR MIND IS THE KEY. He did this within minutes after receiving his copy of the book. Billy had been watching for the UPS truck for hours. They even tantalized him by driving up and down his street but not stopping.

Mark Koltko-Rivera had the benefit of a head start because he was able to take a stroll last night around midnight and pick up a copy at 12:01 a.m. By 2:04, he was posting the answer to the grid code on his blog. Be careful! His blog contains a MAJOR SPOILER as the lead item at the moment.

David Shugarts, Contributing Editor, Secrets of the Lost Symbol.


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  3. has a game where you match the symbols to clues give. If you get a perfect score 33 you can hear a message from Dan Brown. He tells you there is a phone number hidden on the cover. Decode that and call, you will hear a message form the editor with an email address. Send in the name of Robert Langdon’s favorite symbol and the first 33 will get a signed copy of the lost symbol.
    Hint: Look for the letter/number pairs in red.

    p.s. I have not solved the numbers on the left side of the circle on the front cover.
    I have not determined if the codes solved in previous messages and the two I mentioned are ALL of the codes on the cover. Anyone know?

  4. I forgot to add.
    The quote “All great truths begin as blasphemies” by George Bernard Shaw comes from “Annajanska, the Bolshevik Empress”
    I predict the next book covers clues from that area (Russia/USSR) and the era of the Bolsheviks perhaps Communists.

  5. Hi Judd

    According to our investigative reporter Dave Shugarts there are still many codes to crack on the cover.

    Dave tells us that the codes in the red ring on the front appear to be “Pope’s Pantheon,” cracked by another member of our team, Billy Gates on August 26. The cover also yields the phone number for the 33 free books.

    Now, according to Dave, many people have cracked the phone number. At first, the line was not activated. But once it was, he believes the first 33 winners will have called in almost immediately. Shortly afterward, the message machine was full.

  6. also, if you look on the VERY top-right symbol on the back half of the cover, you’ll see an an anchor with a dolphin wrapped around it, with the letter “D” where the handle of the anchor should be. i googled it, followed it to wiki and it was the logo of this medeival printing press… and now, supposedly the logo “is used by Doubleday” which is the publisher of TLS. i assume that’s what the “D” stands for. it also said the motto “hasten slowly” is used by doubleday as well. idk if that’s one of the riddles, but there you go!

  7. tambien yo me fije en un codigo hecho con cifrado masónico en la portada, como el de la parte posterior de la piramide de la que haqla el libro, lo traduje y decia “Cada dia sabemos mas y entendemos menos”

  8. yo me fije en la portada y habia un codigo escrito en cifrado masónico y éste decía “Cada dia sabemos mas y entendemos menos”

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