The Taser – Robert Langdon’s Kryptonite

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t finished The Lost Symbol, do not read this post.

Robert Langdon may be no superman. But as these three women demonstrate, even they make a swifter recovery from a Taser than our hero.

In a critical scene in the Lost Symbol, Robert Langdon is rendered immobile by a Taser long enough to have a good think about his situation and to then be carried to Mal’akh’s basement.

But, as Wired points out, a Taser is not capable of incapacitating a person for long. Moreover, Tasers deliver 400 volts of electricity, not one million, as Brown states (unless this Taser has been hacked by Mal’akh). Anyway, the voltage alone is not nearly as important as the combined voltage and current, which is the lethal factor when applying electricity to the human body.

So, is Robert Langdon weaker than the average human being? Maybe. But, in his defense, at least he didn’t “scream like a girl” as this Wired reporter did recently when he was Tasered for one second.


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