A Childhood Introduction to Puzzles and Codes

Dan BrownOf all the interviews we’ve seen, read and heard in the past week or so, Dan Brown’s appearance on NPR’s All Things Considered remains one of the most enlightening.

Who couldn’t fail to be intrigued by the mental image of Dan Brown, as a child on Christmas morning, scrambling around the house on a treasure hunt following a trail of puzzles set by his father, a math textbook author? Apparently the clues even included magic squares.

It doesn’t take much of a mental leap to see the inspiration for Dan Brown’s novels today or the energy and enthusiasm that pervades his works.

Brown also pinpoints the moment when he first became interested in Noetics–ten years ago, while he was researching particle physics for his first Robert Langdon novel, Angels and Demons.

According to Brown, he was particularly fascinated by Noetics because it ties together “the old and the new”. The field has grown so quickly in the past ten years, he says, that it was the perfect big idea for The Lost Symbol.

There’s much more, about fame, writing, religion and freemasonry, here.


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