There’s Something Noetic in the Air

flashforward1Did you catch FlashForward on ABC last week? This new one hour sci-fi-ish drama (which mixes one part Lost with one part 24) debuted nine days after the release of The Lost Symbol.

One of its key premises is remarkably similar to some of the ideas the fictional Katherine Solomon is working on in her noetics experiments in TLS: In FlashForward (based on a novel by Robert J. Sawyer, a sci-fi writer whose work generally focuses on the intersection of science, religion, and mysticism), virtually the entire world has a brain interruption for 2 minutes and 17 seconds on a September day in 2009, and virtually everyone also experiences a vision of what they will be doing six months hence—in April 2010.

Now, in the aftermath of this huge global harmonic moment, a classic battle is joined between free will and fate, knowledge and destiny, practical action and rational theory. All of humankind must determine if their collective knowledge of the future can allow them to alter that future, retain the good, reject the bad, etc. Quick. We need Katherine Solomon and Robert Langdon to help us decode this, before the plot spins out of control.


One response to “There’s Something Noetic in the Air

  1. The book about this show was written by sawyer. Who (in this book, FlashFoward) wrote about a Hadron Collider that makes antimatter underground in a facility called CERN…..hmmm sound familiar?

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