Mirroring The Lost Symbol

Lynne McTaggart and Marilyn Schlitz are not the only people to have spotted themselves, or at least aspects of their work, in The Lost Symbol. William Henry, an author and “investigative mythologist,” has noted more than a few similarities between Dan Brown’s storyline and his own writing. In an email to Secrets of The Lost Symbol, he explains some of his thoughts:

In my presentation, “The American Rite” (recorded November, 2008), I proposed the following about the U.S. Capitol (with helpful insights from researchers Arion Love and Dr. Mark Gray). First, the U.S. Capitol is a temple, a sacred space. In fact, the U.S. Capitol is a portal or stargate. The Dome of the Capitol is a model of the human head (‘dome’ is slang for head). The key to achieving higher spiritual consciousness is encoded in The Apotheosis of George Washington, painted by Constantino Brumidi in the eye of the Dome in 1865. In order to achieve the man-god status or higher consciousness portrayed by George Washington in the painting the pineal gland in the human brain must be activated. The secretions from the pineal transform (metamorphose or transfigure) one into a being of light. Then, we can go ‘through the stargate’. I concluded my presentation by inviting viewers to join me in the Rotunda of the Capitol, to lie on our backs, and to declare positive statements to get this ‘Liberty Bell’ (really our pineal gland) ringing, thereby ‘opening’ the Apotheosis stargate. It is the right of Americans to transform ourselves into gods, I said. Accessing this higher consciousness by lying on our backs in the Rotunda is the American Rite. These concepts were elaborated upon in my book, Freedom’s Gate, co-authored with Dr. Mark Gray, and published in August 1, 2009.

Viewers of “The American Rite,” and readers of “Freedom’s Gate,” recognize these elements in “The Lost Symbol”. Robert Langdon seeks the lost portal in the Capitol and even lies on his back as he ‘journeys’ through the Apotheosis stargate, just as I did. Dr. Gray and I would like “Lost Symbol” readers to know that what Dan Brown says about the Capitol is true. It is a temple of ascension or a portal. The key to higher consciousness is encoded in the Apotheosis. The activated pineal gland produces the light body. In “Freedom’s Gate” we lay out the facts behind these elements and reveal, for the first time ever, the profound meaning of the spiritual imagery and artwork of the Capitol. You’ll discover there’s a lot more secret symbolism in the Capitol than made it into “The Lost Symbol.”

How is it possible that our book and Dan Brown’s book has the same new message about the Capitol and the Apotheosis of George Washington that has never been told before? How is it that all three of us (Dan, Mark and I) tapped into this higher consciousness encoded in the Capitol and published books about it (one fiction, the other non-fiction) at the same time? “The Lost Symbol’s” Dr. Katherine Solomon would propose Noetic science as an answer. Noetic science says there’s a global consciousness that we’re all connected into. It may even be encoded in our DNA. “Freedom’s Gate” is PROOF of this consciousness. I call it ‘stargate metaphysics’. In fact, Dr. Gray and I may be the living embodiments of the Noetic concepts put forth by Mr. Brown.

All this leads to an important question. Was an ‘alarm clock’ set in the Capitol 1865 to awaken Americans and the people of the world in 2008-2009 to the fact that the U.S. Capitol is a portal and the Apotheosis encodes the key to higher consciousness? I believe so. I believe it is also time for the collective consciousness of Mr. Brown’s readers to engage in a world-wide discussion of themes and factual elements of “The Lost Symbol.” It’s time to awaken and rise to the occasion of our times. Like an alarm clock stops automatically if left unattended it’s time we follow “The Lost Symbol” that leads to Freedom’s Gate, the U.S. Capitol. Its time we lie on our back and tap into the higher consciousness of the Apotheosis stargate!

3 responses to “Mirroring The Lost Symbol

  1. Outstanding!

    Finally “proof-positive” that the Noosphere is alive, activated, and alerting us to the role we play in history: We self-create it!

    PS. The key to longevity as a planet and its people is to “get our head out of our past!”

  2. Kundalini awakening, spiritual awakening, feeling the prescense, I AM, mystical experience, being as One…….ALL are CHRIST CONCIOUSNESS ~~~~It all feels the same and it is the same way getting there. God-like mind knows God-like mind.

    JOHN 17:21 -JEHOVA SANTUS UNUS ~ Universal Conciousness…… directly from Christ Conciousness.

    Its been hidden all along in plain sight.

  3. John 17:26 “And I have made your name known to them and will make it known, in order that the love with which you loved me may be in them and I in union with them”.

    John 21:15 “..Feed my lambs.”
    John 21:16 “…Shepherd my little sheep.”
    John 21:17 “…Feed my little sheep.”

    The key is *Unconditional Love* ~ ~It is a state of being.

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