Secrets of The Lost Symbol on TV

We were glad to see that even prior to publishing our Secrets of the Lost Symbol book (which will be in stores in December and available on the Kindle in November) NBC has decided to broadcast a television version: Secrets of The Lost Symbol, which airs on NBC on Friday night.

One of the world’s most popular authors, Dan Brown, sits down for a rare and exclusive interview with NBC News’ Matt Lauer to talk about his new book, “The Lost Symbol,” the beliefs of the Freemasons, the power of the human mind, whether people can become gods and a little known science that may tie them all together.

As far as we know, the show is not actually based on our book—they’ve just decided to make good use of our title. And they will be exploring some of the many themes we have been investigating in depth: Freemasonry, Noetics, the Founding Fathers and the philosophy that lies behind the book. Interestingly, the Inside Deadline website teases:

The broadcast also goes in search of what Brown calls the true meaning of his book and why, he says, its so unlike his others. Additionally, he speaks with Lauer at length about the beliefs of the nation’s founding fathers, saying “America wasn’t founded a Christian country. It became a Christian country.”

We wish NBC well and hope their show will shine interesting new light on The Lost Symbol.


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