Our E-Book is Out Today!

We’re pleased to announce that the electronic version of Secrets of the Lost Symbol is available to buy today!

You can download your copy from Amazon.com or from Barnes & Noble.com. If you don’t have an e-book reader, you don’t have much longer to wait. The hardcover edition of our book will be out in time for the holidays.

Liate Stehlik, Senior Vice President & Publisher, William Morrow/Avon/Eos, said in a statement today:

“Given the intense demand for The Lost Symbol, we decided to release SECRETS OF THE LOST SYMBOL early in its electronic form to satisfy the legions of fans who want to probe deeper into the world of the Freemasons and explore the multifaceted relationship between religion and science that has dominated Brown’s books. Dan Burstein and Arne de Keijzer have created a must-have companion to the blockbuster novel and we are confident the demand for our e-book will be strong. We hope the early ebook will entice fans to get the hardcover edition, which will be in stores by Christmas.

Here are just a few of the many essays, interviews, and ideas and you will find in Secrets of The Lost Symbol:

  • Several of Freemasonry’s leading intellectuals—Arturo de Hoyos, Mark Tabbert, and Mark Koltko-Rivera—reveal the “real history” of Masonry and also explore what Dan Brown got right and wrong in writing about this society with so many powerful secrets.
  • Commentaries from Lynne McTaggart and Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, the two noetic scientists who are the actual real life models for the Katherine Solomon character in The Lost Symbol. They are each doing intriguing research into the effect of thought on matter, remote healing, the randomness and connectedness of events and people, and the power of intentionality.
  • Rabbi Irwin Kula, whose insightful commentary delves into the ways in which The Lost Symbol connects to the major debates in religion and spirituality today. New Testament expert Deirdre Good also parses a potential problem in the “new age” religious vision of The Lost Symbol: It’s the self-absorption of “me” in a world that needs a stronger “we.”
  • A rare interview with Jim Sanborn, the sculptor of the enigmatic Kryptos art work referred to by Dan Brown in The Lost Symbol. The sculpture sits outside CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, and has defied all code breaking efforts to decrypt its fourth layer of secret messages.
  • An interview with Michael Parkes, the painter of the Three Graces, a real life art work that figures prominently in the villain Mal’akh’s home in The Lost Symbol.
  • Mitch Horowitz, author of a notable recent book on the occult in American history, explains why our history is a lot stranger than most Americans think.
  • David Plotz, editor of Slate, who grew up in Washington, D.C., offers a witty commentary about why Dan Brown has Washington all wrong in The Lost Symbol.
  • Secrets team investigative reporter David A. Shugarts, who predicted five years ago that Dan Brown’s next book would be about the Freemasons and that Washington D.C. would be at the heart of the novel, takes readers on a “Magical Masonic Mystical” tour of Washington, with stops ranging from the Capitol Rotunda with its magnificent fresco of the Apotheosis of Washington to the National Cathedral with its Darth Vader grotesque on its façade.

Buy Secrets of The Lost Symbol (Kindle Edition) (Amazon)

Buy Secrets of the Lost Symbol (Barnes & Noble)


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