Dan Brown and Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton

I heard recently from a fascinating expert on Isaac Newton, Stephen D. Snobelen, who is a professor of the history of science and technology at the University of King’s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Professor Snobelen is involved with The Newton Project, a UK-based academic group that is pouring through Newton’s voluminous writings on all subjects, including alchemy, theology, etc., and analyzing, indexing, and making these available online.

Recently, Snobelen has taken on Dan Brown and what he believes is Brown’s mishandling of key ideas and comments attributed to Newton, in a very intriguing paper, which I highly recommend. You can download it from the Newton Project Canada’s website.

By the way, here’s the Newton Project’s self-description:

The goal of the Newton Project is to provide online access to Newton’s scientific, theological, alchemical and administrative papers, with an initial focus on Newton’s previously-unpublished theological writings. By providing instant access to these non-canonical writings of this early modern natural philosopher, the Newton Project is leading a scholarly revolution that is changing the way we view the figure many see as the father of modern science. A steadily increasing array of manuscript transcriptions and images can be found at the Newton Project website. Visit the Newton Project’s innovative and resource-rich website at: http://www.newtonproject.sussex.ac.uk

Anyone interested in Newton will find Snobelen’s paper, as well as all of the resources of the Newton Project, a wonderful virtual world to explore.

–Dan Burstein

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  1. poderia traduzir para o portugues, ficaria agradecido .

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