Another Secrets of The Lost Symbol!

We’re very pleased to announce our inclusion in US News & World Report’s special collector’s edition: Secrets of The Lost Symbol.

The magazine includes our interview with the artist Michael Parkes, whose painting The Three Graces, hides the entrance to Mal’akh’s basement lair in The Lost Symbol.

It also contains our essay by contributing editor Lou Aronica, who explores the story of the co-founding of the Institute for Noetic Sciences–and the birth of noetics–by astronaut Edgar Mitchell in the 1970’s.

Other contributors to our book, featured in the US News & World Report special, include Masonic experts Mark Tabbert and Arturo de Hoyos, historian and Smithsonian specialist Heather Ewing, and Mitch Horowitz, a leading author of spiritual and metaphysical books.

Buy Secrets of The Lost Symbol or download it as an e-book.


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